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This post is about Synagogue Church of all Nations Included in Religious Activities. We all accept that wherever people are gathered to worship their God, there exists a strong belief that God will hear their prayers and solve their spiritual problems.  It is believed that no church in the 21st
Century has surpassed the Synagogue Church of all Nations (SCOAN) in miracles performed at this church.


The Synagogue Church of all Nations contributes to the national treasury in Nigeria in its own unique way. With its international visitors coming from all the continents of the world each new week, the nation of Nigeria is the proud host of tourists in this manner.


T.B. Joshua was born on 12th June 1963 and grew up from a humble background to be the founder of Synagogue Church of all Nations on 8th March 2007. Many YouTube videos are showing his background including Satan’s desire to kill him at birth. There was excavation taking place near his Mother’s house in which he was laid as a baby. A stone was hurled from the site and it ripped the roof apart and fell inches from where the baby was. He survived babyhood and boyhood with difficulties. His YouTube videos have over one million subscribers. It is the most widely watched YouTube channel in the whole world.

Temitope Balogun Joshua commonly referred to as T. B. Joshua



When he was about to begin public ministry, T.B. Joshua went on forty days fasting at a prayer mountain. He survived the fast with many hindrances here and there.


T.B. Joshua’s early ministry began humbly with the church building being constructed of timber and iron sheets. Two to three times, the building structure could not survive the rainy storms and so reconstruction had to take place.


T.B. Joshua uses Emmanuel Television and its partners as a medium of communication to the world. Many incidents taking place at SCOAN are uploaded to YouTube and they are very popular.


T.B. Joshua has an excellent ministry for the orphans. It is difficult to estimate how many orphans have benefited from this ministry in terms of education, but they should be in hundreds of thousands. Together with his Emmanuel Television partners, T.B. Joshua has built schools for orphans in South America, Colombia and Pakistan in particular.


A big number of orphans, both boys and girls have been sponsored to regular schools from primary school to even international universities like Cambridge University. This action has paid off its dividends by having the sponsored students coming back to the Church and employed to offer various services in the spiritual and physical realm. Others are working abroad and have become Emmanuel Television partners so that the chain of orphan sponsorship is not broken.


This, too, is a very active ministry in the sense that some of these people have their house rentals paid for by the church together with their daily upkeep. Their children are then taken care of in terms of education.


The church carried out an operation and retrieved many physically challenged people living under bridges and some people who were homeless. They were brought to the church and assisted with money to start a business while rentals were paid for by T.B. Joshua and his Emmanuel Television partners.


T.B. Joshua and his Emmanuel Television partners have been honouring Nigerian Paralympic Game finalists from time to time. In 2014, T.B. Joshua awarded one of the champions from Nigeria a brand new car. Others were awarded various prizes.


T.B. Joshua is involved in true prophecy. At the beginning of 2012, well before top African teams assembled in Gabon for the Africa Football Championship, he had prophesied that Zambia would carry the championship because of their former football team’s incident of the whole team perishing at the coast of Gabon in 1993. True to his prophecy, Zambia won the African Football championship in 2012. This is just one incident out of many that his prophecy has come to pass.


T.B. Joshua has a big heart for people passing through various difficulties. There was a live Sunday worship showing a woman from Mongolia who was married to a Nigerian citizen. They had two children, but the man was ill-treating his Mongolian wife to the point of locking her in the house and beating her severely. Her Nigerian women neighbours advised her to go to SCOAN and seek assistance from the man of God to enable her to flee from the man and return to Mongolia. They donated transport money to SCOAN and one of her neighbours accompanied her. True to their words, T.B. Joshua secured a passport for her and bought air tickets for her and her two children. Apart from that, she was given two thousand US Dollars to start a business of her choice. She was tongue-tied.


T.B. Joshua is a humble man. He does not go about bragging. God has used him as a channel of blessings to tens of thousands of people in various ways yet he remains a humble man. One of how he displays humility is by acknowledging the presence of national and international political leaders. The religious leaders and the traditional leaders are held in high esteem when they visit the Synagogue Church of All Nations.


This is one of the most effective ministries at the Synagogue Church of All Nations. Many people have gone to SCOAN to seek assistance in various health-related issues and most of them, local and international visitors, have had their needs met. The goodness about T.B. Joshua is that he does not claim to heal all kinds of diseases. He publicly pronounces that Jesus Christ is the Healer and Deliverer and so when a person suffering from an ailment and does not have enough faith to be healed spiritually; he facilitates the expenses for special treatment in India or South Africa. Usually, such medical trips have been very successful.


Many people attending church Services at SCOAN have been delivered from demonic attacks. The manifestation of demonic attacks has manifested as victims are forced to have the desire to commit suicide, experience loneliness in their lives or are forced to indulge themselves in prostitution or sexual lust and many other devices like being angry most of the times. Many people have appreciated this ministry as it has brought peace in many homes.


Some faithful men and women have been trained to preach the Gospel and attend to various ministries stated above. Whenever T.B. Joshua travels abroad for crusades, the Church does not lack the manpower to attend to such important ministries of the church, which are stated above. They fill T.B. Joshua’s vacuum to the delight of the congregants and international visitors.

To the delight of some people, T.B. Joshua has opened branches of SCOAN in Ghana, England and Greece. These branches are highly successful in the various church ministries stated above.


T.B. Joshua has conducted highly successful crusades in Israel, South Korea, Australia, and Colombia to mention a few. His impact on the lives of the people in those countries has been great and awesome.


The Synagogue Church of All Nations has been a great blessing in the lives of many people and nations at large. No wonder some people refer to T.B. Joshua as the modern prophet of this age. You ought to travel there and experience the atmosphere of Godliness in the arena of liberty where good triumphs over evil. Many people I have met who have visited SCOAN state clearly that they would visit this church again and again with funds permitting.

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  1. The church Synagogue Church for All Nation has been a very Controversial Church over time and so many find it hard to believe what is going on there. People doubt whether it is truly the power of God that is at work there.

    But one thing is for sure. Jesus Christ said I will build my Church and the gate of Hail shall not prevail. People are too quick to criticize what they don’t understand.

    TB Joshua is a true man of God. And I celebrate him for what God is using him to do in this dispensation.

    Long Live SCOAN

    Long Live Emmanuel TV

    Long Live TB Joshua

    1. Emmanuel, I like your review. Indeed people are quick to criticize what they cannot comprehend. God has worked in many ways through his appointed people on earth and Prophet T.B Joshua happens to be one of them.
      His ministry has touched the homeless, orphans and widows which is good for humanity.  

  2. Awesome post!

    I had a wonderful experience the last time I went to SCOAN (2014). It was the main reason I visited Lagos Nigeria. It is such a refreshing place to be after you’ve gone through the never-ending chaotic, bureaucratic visa procedure (most especially if you are a US or UK resident) and militant airport staff.
    At SCOAN you are always welcomed with love, treated like you are royalty and despite hosting a lot of visitors at the same time you are even addressed by your name!
    The prayer mountain resort is very peaceful and the anointing is so tangible. Heaven is in this place believe me.
    At the hostels you are well looked after, people do your laundry and delicious meals are prepared for you. The workers at the church are very hardworking and so coordinated it is unbelievable. I loved every program in that church, most of which you have mentioned.


    1. Jordan, it is good to read about your experience when you visited SCOAN in 2014. Spiritual tourism is at its best in Nigeria as many people from all over the world travel there to experience exactly what you have shared in your post and more; especially spiritual enrichment. Every believer in Christ should include this place on their list of places to visit in their life time. 

  3. Thank you for this great post, I have been following the synagogue church of nations for quite some time and I like the church for its great act of kindness towards the less privileged and the may miracles performed day after day.
    T. B Joshua’s lifestyle never ceases to amaze me, his humility and benevolence, and above all his prophecies are always spot on. 

    1. Thank you Charles for appreciating this post. Thank you too for following what is happening at the Synagogue Church of All Nations. Many have been touched the power of God God in this place and many are yet to.
      Everyone is created with a purpose on this planet and T.B Joshua found his purpose and has done well with the gift God gave him. 

  4. Even though I’ve not been opportune to visit SCOAN, I know a great deal about the church because I’ve read a few things about its history, the miraculous works happening there every time, and mostly about T.B Joshua. The man of God is really strong and grounded in spirit, I’ve heard of so many rumours about him and the church but none of these affected him, and I respect him for that.
    Thanks for sharing this informative article, it’ll bring SCOAN to some others that are yet to know about it. It is a lovely post.

    1. Thank you, Jones, for your polite compliment. 
      Even in the Bible, it is clear that prophets faced trials and tribulations as they went about their work; and it comes to no surprise that the modern-day prophets will continue to face criticism and unpleasant things will be said about them.
      But as you said if he stays grounded in the spirit in service for God the Almighty, he will continue to attract many to God.

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