Medical Tourism – Africa’s Top Healthcare Destinations

In recent years, medical tourism has drawn international attention to Africa as a leading destination for cosmetic, prenatal and life-threatening healthcare.

I will share with you the best health care destinations in Africa. These countries take a share of what the global medical tourism industry valued at USD 100 billion per year.

People travel for medical services to get advanced and better treatment. Over the years, medical services have advanced in that people no longer only travel to access life-saving treatments, but now they also to access cosmetic and wellness treatments.

For many people, travelling outside the country is the best way to deal with all their medical problems. Whether it’s because they need experts in certain fields or are looking for a better deal on procedures, this is becoming quite common practice across the globe.

One of the most popular continents for travelling for medical services is Africa. And anyone looking for great doctors, good prices, and very professional staff in clinics should make it their top destination.

If you wish to know which countries are the best destination for your medical needs, read on.


Kenya is one of the top destinations people go to and is helped by the fact that it is a very beautiful country. As one of Africa’s top recipients of cross-border travel for medical procedures, this is where you should be if you want high-quality service at low prices.

While plastic surgery is arguably one of the most common reasons for medical travel, this country is also a hub of wellness and healthy living centres. It is a destination of choice for if you require to increase your physical health and regain your confidence.

Of course, not only doctors and clinics can be found here, and there are many ways to experience Kenya and enjoy its sight. From savanna grasslands and national parks to the bustling energy of Nairobi, you can come to surgery but stick around for a fun vacation.


Tunisia benefits from a strategic geographical position that makes the country a point of union between the Arab world, Africa and Europe. Tunisia’s health tourism sector attracts approximately 150,000 international tourists annually.

Tunisia has experienced rapid growth in its health resorts with an increase in world-class facilities in Susa, Hammamet, Djerba and Gammarth.

Tunisia offers health services at half the price of hospitals in Western Europe, making it another very attractive option for patients.

Experts in cardiology, urology, and gynaecology are highly sought after, and if you need a procedure that saves your life and costs you a fortune elsewhere, this may be the place for you.

Also popular in Tunisia are breast augmentations, fertility treatments. Liposuction and other related surgeries.

If luxury is what you seek as a medical tourist, Tunisia has a number of five-star hotels at your disposal.

You will also enjoy the warm climate that is pleasant throughout the year, though April and May are the best months for medical tourism. .


The Kingdom of Morocco has made its mark on medical tourism due to its good cosmetic surgery, dental treatment, plastic surgeons and physical therapists. To cap it off, the costs of these procedures are lower than those offered in Western Europe.

For those who are recovering from injury and want to increase their strength and endurance, good and affordable Moroccan therapists make a difference.

The country has an agreement with the European Union which allows in flights of potential medical tourists.

Liposuction is another popular procedure they perform at affordable prices for those who want to shape their bodies.

Kidney patients are also lucky if they want to visit Morocco because the country is full of excellent dialysis centres, so you can enjoy a vacation without worrying about your health.

It has eliminated value-added taxes on cosmetic surgeries, increasing the competitiveness of the prices of its procedures; and being a tourist centre that attracts more visitors.


Egypt has been developing its medical tourism at a constant rate following its success with its Virus C campaign.

Lesser-known areas in Egypt that are full of good doctors and clinics are becoming more noticeable.

With hair transplant surgeries on the rise, the country is investing advertising aimed at attracting more people at low prices.

After treatment, medical tourists can relax on beautiful beaches or be pampered at one of the country’s spas to

help restore energy, endurance, and vitality before returning home feeling refreshed and refreshed.

Egypt has a vision of building the largest medical city in Africa and possibly the Middle East in the city of Badr located 29 miles from Cairo on the Cairo-Suez highway. Investments are worth USD 1.2 billion and are expected to include over 12 medical institutes with a 2,000-bed capacity, air medical services, a university hospital, natural healing gardens, and a medicinal plant nursery.

South Africa

South Africa is beautiful and has some of the best doctors and medical facilities on the entire continent. This country is known for affordable dentistry, fertility treatments, breast augmentation, and other cosmetic procedures, and the level of professionalism offered is unmatched.

Low-cost procedures are performed by expert doctors, so you never have to worry about your health falling into the wrong hands. It is also a very beautiful destination offering many opportunities for sightseeing and fun, and if you want to enjoy a combination of modern facilities and cultural adventures, then South Africa is your ideal destination.

You can visit Kruger Park or feel Cape Town’s cosmopolitan atmosphere after taking care of your medical needs.

Southern African Development Community (SADC) identified South Africa as the African market leader of medical tourism. This is because it offers a wide range of low-cost treatments with professionalism and quality, setting it apart from other healthcare providers on the continent.

South Africa is also known for affordable cosmetic surgery procedures, as well as fertility, breast enlargement, dentistry and others.

Affordable infertility treatments is another attraction of medical tourists to South Africa.

South Africa has pioneered many innovative medical investigations and surgeries, including the world’s first heart and penis transplants and, most recently, the world’s first middle ear bone transplant with 3D printed components.


As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, many African countries will increase budget allocations to the health sector.
With the improvement of medical services, so will the medical tourism potential grow. The Medical Tourism Index report will likely feature more African countries.

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    1. Thank you leaving me a comment on this blog. Medical tourism is set to increase on the African continent.

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